Type  Branding / Identity   |   Client  M80   |   At  Eggplant Factory   |   Role Design

M80 is a building located in Gwangju, South Korea. The client asked us for brand design work of the building he owned. We used visual analogy of ‘mercury’, which reflects the characteristics of the client being an owner and entrepreneur of multiple successful businesses. This design concept reflects the unique nature of mercury(quicksilver), changing its shape of any container it is in. Identity Type A reflects mercury being filled into a container(frame). On the other hand, identity Type B reflects mercury being unconfined, showing rhythmical movement of liquid.

*This proposal wasn't chosen by the client during the process.

M80-03 copyM80-03 copy
M80-04 copyM80-04 copy
M80-05 copyM80-05 copy
M80-06 copyM80-06 copy
M80-07 copyM80-07 copy