Melody Jung is
a graphic designer
living in Seoul, South Korea.

Hello! My name is Melody Jung and I'm a graphic designer living in Seoul, South Korea. I specialize in logo design and brand identity design, and I offer my services to businesses of all sizes around the world. 

I am passionate about brands with unique stories. I love to be involved in the entire design phase, from conception to execution to production. I especially like to create simple, minimalistic designs with a touch of color.

I value the beauty in simplicity and believe that design plays a major role in molding our cultures and impacts every aspect of our lives. I am grateful that I found something that stimulates me every day and that I never get bored of: Design. 

My mission is to help your dreams to come true; to facilitate and support and to see you succeed through my visual works. 

When I am not sitting in front of my monitor, you will find me swiping through RSS feeds on my iPhone during a subway commute, or practicing semi-elegant ballet moves in a studio, or obsessing over new book covers in a bookstore in Gangnam. 

If you enjoyed looking at my work and you have a new project, or think you might have a new project, or just want to say hi, you are most welcome to drop me a line!

BFA in Graphic Design,
Bob Jones University
(Greenville, SC)

Student Best of Show ADDY®
& Gold ADDY® Award
AAF Greenville 2013

Branding & Identity
Art Direction
Publishing & Print Media
Web / Digital

Still here? I do have some random facts about me.


No. 1
My favorite color is Pantone 1922 D. (a.k.a. Canary Yellow)

No. 2
But I am leaning towards Cool Grey 10 D these days because it sounds and looks cool.

No. 3
One day, I want to travel around the world just like Phileas Fogg from Around the World in Eighty Days.

No. 4
I love everything that is fruity and real fruits including Durian.
Tropical fruits are simply divine.

No. 5
I’m a great listener but if I get really excited about the topic, I might try to interrupt and finish your sentence. So I apologize in advance if this happen to you.

No. 6
Majorities of my work are fuled by Spotify music playlist. Really.

No. 7
I almost always order green tea latte any coffeeshop I go. 


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